Our Staff and Volunteers

alena   Alena Taylor

Alena is our Chief Executive Officer

Alena has worked in the voluntary sector for over 15 years before which she worked in the leisure industry. Alena’s past work has largely been in the field of prevention and health promotion with a particular focus on sexual health and young people. Alena’s career has included working as a project officer, trainer and educator.

The drive for this work has always been a belief that people should have the right information, at the right time, to help them to make informed decisions about their lives.

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sally2   Sally Cleghorn

Sally is one of CAIL’s Partnership Board Development Officers and supports the Carers Partnership Board and the Older People’s Partnership Board.

Sally previously worked for Disability Cambridgeshire and alongside colleagues from Disability Huntingdonshire.

Doing an OU Diploma in Social Policy enabled her to understand the social model of disability but she says she’s learned more from colleagues and clients than any course could ever teach. Enjoys collaborative work and is committed to playing her part in building a really strong user-led organisation.

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Sabi 2   Sabi Johnson-Ratcliffe

Sabi is our Project Support Officer

Sabi provides administration support for the Partnership Boards and project support for our Voices4Choices project.

Sabi has worked in the voluntary sector for around 13 years. Sabi’s past work has largely been in the field of health and educational development. Sabi is currently pursuing via distance learning an MSc in Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health at King’s College London.

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graham2   Graham Lewis

Graham is one of CAIL’s Partnership Board Development Officers and supports the Learning Disabilities Partnership Board and the Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment Partnership Board.

Graham has been active in the voluntary sector for over 20 years, as a paid worker, a volunteer and as a Trustee of a number of charities. He has always been involved in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion and has worked with young people, people with hidden disabilities, homelessness and victims of crime.

Throughout he has been involved in project management, group facilitation, training and coaching of staff and volunteers, as well as managing service delivery of both local and national projects. His real passion is supporting people to develop and grow to their full potential and identifying and removing barriers that are holding them back.

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james-s2.jpg   James Saunders

James is the Communications Development Officer for CAIL.  He is responsible for publishing CAIL’s Information Bulletin and Newsletter, as well as actively promoting, managing and raising awareness of CAIL’s various projects.  James has worked in a variety of different settings across the healthcare sector and has a great deal of experience working in partnership with people with disabilities.  In 2014 James was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism which has given him valuable insights into helping people overcome barriers and empowering everyone to reach their full potential.

Matthew Wilson   Matthew Wilson

Matthew is our Finance Officer

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david2   David Challis

David has been a volunteer for over 20 years with the National Westminster Bank, the Citizens Advice Bureau and Disability Cambridgeshire.  He is currently working hard on keeping the CAIL database up to date.


barbara-harrison1-1   Barbara Harrison

Barbara is a Volunteer at the CAIL and is currently working diligently on updating our database. She also volunteers at various other charities, and is a fount of knowledge and anecdotes.