Learning Disabilities Partnership Board


Who are the members of the Learning Disabilities Partnership Board (LDPB)?

The Board is made up of:

Individuals with a Learning Disability and People on the Autistic Spectrum

Family Carers – of people with a Learning Disability and People on the Autistic Spectrum

Advocates – for People with Learning Disabilities and People on the Autistic Spectrum. These are the SpeakOut Leaders from the Speak Out Council, run by local charity, VoiceAbility. SpeakOut Leaders work in different areas of the county to talk to and listen to other people with a learning disability or who are on the autistic spectrum. Speak Out Leaders then report to the Board about what they have been told.

Organisations – that support and work with people Individuals with a Learning Disability and People on the Autistic Spectrum such as Red2Green and Thera.

Statutory Services – The Learning Disability Partnership which is made up of people from Cambridgeshire County Council and the NHS.

What has the Board worked on recently?

The Board works on things that people with Individuals with a Learning Disability and People on the Autistic Spectrum have said are important to them.  One example of this is a meeting on the theme of Dating and Relationships.  This looked at things like

  • How people make friends and meet partners for the first time:
  • How to build relationships
  • Social isolation & transport
  • Sexuality and sexual health

At the end of the meeting it was decided that; 

  • We need to be clear about what people actually want.
  • Organisations such as Red2Green, VoiceAbility and CAIL can help to ask lots of people with learning disabilities in Cambridgeshire about what they actually want.
  • We need to find out about the barriers that people with learning disabilities face in different parts of Cambridgeshire.
  • Members of the Board will try to get funding and resource to start a project in Cambridgeshire.

Why should I become involved in this Board?

We want to hear from you and learn about what is important to you in your life.  Is there anything you would like to change about the support that you get?  If you join the Board you will have a chance to have your opinion listened to about things like what you think of Day Services, where you get your wheelchair from, support for education and employment.


CAIL believes that our Independent Members should not be out of pocket for volunteering and as such pay travel expenses and reasonable expenses agreed with the Development Officer.

When are the meetings?

The Board meets every 3 months on a Wednesday.

Where does the Board meet?

The Board meets in different locations in the county for example Ely, Cambridge and March.  All the venues that we use have kitchen facilities, accessible toilets and hearing loops.

How do I find out more information?


Email – Partnership.Boards@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

To read previous minutes and the Terms of Reference for this Board click here