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Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport can be found in the London Borough of Hillingdon and it is the busiest airport in the UK, with over 72 million people flying to and from the airport each year. It also deals with the most ‘international’ passengers (those flying to destinations outside of the UK) on the globe and its recently built Terminal 5 can manage an astonishing 30 million passengers each year, that’s 199,000 flights to various locations around the world. Heathrow has fantastic facilities for people with extra needs and disabilities, so should you be flying from Heathrow in the near future, you may find the Heathrow Airport Guide useful.

Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Airport is situated in West Sussex, 30 minutes away from central London; Its the second busiest Airport in the UK, with just over 24 million passengers making use of the airport each year. Gatwick is easily accessible from the M25 and finding your terminal (North or South) shouldn’t be a problem as the entrances are well signed and lanes are clearly marked. The airport offers a wide range of improved facilities to passengers with special needs. If you will be using the airport for air travel soon, then the Gatwick Airport Guide might be useful for you.

Birmingham Airport
Birmingham has undergone huge changes in recent years, including a 40 million pound redevelopment which included a new customs and immigration hall, twelve new shops, a new baggage reclaim area and 16 new check in desks at Terminal 1. It lies 5 miles south-east of Birmingham city centre and has good transport links, with Birmingham international train station having links with the airport. Birmingham International Airport strives ensure their disabled passengers can travel hassle free. Should you need some more information, take a look at the Birmingham Airport Guide.

Stansted Airport
Stansted Airport is situated in Essex, 30 miles North-East of London and about a mile away from the Hertfordshire border. Stansted’s busiest route is Dublin, Ireland, so if you are flying to the Irish capital you will most likely be flying from Stansted. Like Birmingham, Stansted has very good transport links so getting there shouldn’t be a problem. Should you be using the airport any time soon, the Stansted Airport Guide offers more information on services and facilities available.

Luton Airport
Although Luton Airport isn’t owned by a huge commercial company and only possesses one runway it still ranks as the UK’s sixth busiest Airport, a huge achievement for the Bedfordshire based airport! Major airlines such as EasyJet, Monarch, Thomson airways and Ryanair all serve the airport, which deals with just under 10 million passengers each year. Luton Airport has fantastic disabled and special needs facilities; more information can be found at the Luton Airport Guide.

Changing Places
Changing places is a campaign that started back in 2006 and campaigns for the right to have more Changing Places facilities in large public areas. Changing Places facilities are far more spacious and are fitted with more advanced equipment (compared to the standard public toilet) to assist disabled users, carers and family members. Here at Airport Parking Shop we decided to write a blog post focusing on Changing Places facilities at UK airports to help assist you with your travels, read more here – Changing Places facilities at UK airports.

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