Learn more about Direct Payments and shape your own care and support.


The Voices4Choices project in Cambridgeshire was all about helping people to understand Direct Payments through using the lived experiences of people who are currently using Direct Payments.

What is a Direct Payment?
A Direct Payment is money from the council that you can use to pay for social care services e.g. care in your home, accessing the community, helping you go shopping, etc.  The aim of a Direct Payment is to give you more flexibility, choice and control over your care and support.

For more information about what on Direct Payment please see our ‘Introduction to Direct Payments‘ guide below:

Click here to download a PDF version.

The Library of Lived Experiences:

Voices4Choices was about learning from peoples lived experiences of Direct Payments – what are the highlights, the benefits, the low points and frustrations?  How can things be done better? The experiences that people shared with us were used to create a ‘Library of Lived Experiences’. This is intended to help people who are new to Direct Payments, or are maybe thinking about using them, gain a clearer idea about what Direct Payments actually are from a more personal and individual perspective.

The Library is also intended to be used as a resource for professionals, researchers and academics that would like to understand more about the Direct Payment process from an individual perspective.

This Library is available on our website until May 2019.

After May 2019 the Library will be available will be available through a variety of other organisations, including Cambridgeshire County Council.

Click here to go to ‘The Library of Lived Experiences’.

Hear more on Cambridge 105:
If you would like to hear more about this project you can listen to James, the Project Lead, on Cambridge 105 where he talks about CAIL, the work that we do and what V4C is all about.